Stories from Flandreau

Stories from Flandreau

Everyone has a story.

Here in Flandreau, that's no different. It's one thing to simply tell you a tale, but we wanted to take it a step further. Below, you'll witness these stories from the great people who live right here in Flandreau, South Dakota.

Spend a day with them. Learn about their lives. Hear their story.  Who knows, you might recognize a familiar face or meet someone new.

Enjoy these stories from Flandreau.

Troy Fox - Manager of First American Mart

If you ever want to take a gamble at a convenience store, the First American Mart in Flandreau, SD is your best bet. Troy Fox has been the manager for two years, overseeing the growth, not only of the store but the employees he considers "family." Meet Troy.

Jennifer Anderson - Casino Host

When you visit Royal River Casino, meeting Casino Host Jennifer Anderson is in the cards. There's nothing she'd rather do than chat with customers and make their day more fun. Get to know Jennifer.

Annie Garcia - Regular Player

Frequent player, Annie Garcia is always game for a good time. For her, the best part about winning a jackpot is sharing it with her fellow players. Hang out with Annie.

Elizabeth & Justis Shortman - Mother & Son

We're all familiar with the phrase "work family." What about when you work with your actual family? Experience the dynamic between Royal River's mother-son duo, Elizabeth and Justis Shortman, and have a Happy Mother's Day!

Barry Andregg - Maintenance Coordinator / Veteran

When something needs fixing, Barry Andregg is always there to answer the call. His maintenance efforts go as far back as 1978 during his time in the SD Army National Guard. Celebrate Memorial Day with Barry.


Apr 06, 2023

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