How to Play: Buffalo Gold Slot Machine

How to Play: Buffalo Gold Slot Machine

Anyone who’s been to Royal River Casino knows that ‘Buffalo’ is one of the most popular slot machine series on our floor. That includes the Buffalo Gold machine – the gold standard for premium Buffalo entertainment. For those who are less familiar and looking for some fun with a little challenge, we’re breaking down how it works, what makes it unique and why it’s a must-play.


Buffalo Gold is a five-reel slot game offering players a chance of winning a prize. The maximum bet allowed per spin is $6.00. The game features symbols that include letters, western mountain animals, including the buffalo, gold buffalo, eagle, wolf – to name a few - and the 'western sunset' symbol acting as the WILD. The 'gold dollar' symbol triggers a bonus round.

Wins are determined by aligning symbols on active paylines left to right on adjacent reels. Payouts consider only the highest winning combination and are multiplied by the credits bet on the payline. This slot game offers a mix of symbols and odds, which creates a fun experience for players seeking a chance at winning with each spin.

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The bonus round in Buffalo Gold activates with three, four, or five gold dollar symbols, granting Booster Spins. Three symbols award eight spins, four symbols give 15, and hitting five symbols rewards 20 spins.

During Gold Bonus, the gold buffalo symbol transforms other animal symbols into buffalos. Four or more gold buffalos change eagles, seven or more convert mountain lions, 13 or more switch wolves, and 15 turn bellowing elks into buffalos. This feature significantly boosts winning potential in the game.


There’s a reason the Buffalo Gold has stood the test of time. It’s a game that offers great accessibility mixed with a fair amount of challenge – all caked in classic Western iconography. When you’re looking for the gold standard in slot machine gaming, look no further than Buffalo Gold.

Dec 01, 2023

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