Winner's Circle

So did Ralph Watts, and that’s what happened in June at Royal River. Ralph knows the importance of 96% Certified Payouts, and with just one play of the slot machine, Ralph was $279,439 richer!

Ralph Watts Letter to Royal River Casino:

Dear Steve,

I am enclosing a $1000 check made out to Royal River Casino and intended to be shared among the slot machine floor people. The courtesy shown to me over the years by these very professional employees has been greatly appreciated.

I also appreciated Larry giving us buffet tickets and booking a suite in the motel. He is a very important part of the casino.

How great to have won the Grand Aristocrat jackpot and to be treated so royally by all the Royal River Casino crew. Over the many years that I have frequented Royal River, I have always encountered the most friendly people and helpful employees. If I have won, broke even or lost during my time at your casino, I have always enjoyed my stay there.

My thanks for providing me with the opportunity to win BIG, and again, thanks to all for the royal treatment from the Royal River Casino.


Ralph Watts