96% Highest Payouts
  • Join us for exciting Texas Hold 'em Tournaments every Saturday for a chance to win up to 50% of the payouts!

Texas Hold 'em Tournaments


If you love the fun and excitement of Texas Hold 'em, you're going to love the non-stop action and winning at Royal River Casino! 

The first 20 paid entrants will play in our no-limit Texas Hold 'em tournament. $40 buy-in with $5 of the buy-in paid out in bounties. 

Players will start with 5,000 points with no Re-Buys or add-on's. 


  • First Place will receive 50%
  • Second Place will receive 30%
  • Third Place will receive 20%


Each entrant will be issued a bounty chip. When that player goes 'all-in', they are to place one bounty chip into the pot. When a player is out of the tournament, they can then cash in their bounty chips. $5.00 of each buy is split between the dealers and the house. 

Seating is limited, so get here early! Doors open at 2pm for live game action prior to the tournament.